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[Category: Legislative Updates]

Please click here to read an article from the ODHA Government Relations Council regarding pending legislation in Ohio, and updates on brand new legislation in other states regarding the mid-level provider!

Update from ODHA Lobbyist, Matthew Whitehead

[Category: Legislative Updates]

ODHA Student Council Oral Cancer Screenings Video/ Power Point Competition

[Category: Students]

ODHA Student Council Oral Cancer Screenings Video/PowerPoint® Competition


What are the guidelines for this competition

The PowerPoint® or video is an informal presentation using oral communication and visual media to inform, clarify, and present information on Oral Cancer Screenings.


The information should include: Oral Cancer Screening Protocols, Role of the Dental Profession and...


Working with Dental Therapists

[Category: Legislative Updates]

Attention Dental Hygiene Colleagues! Please click on the following links to know more about dental therapists and advanced dental therapists. 


“Working with Dental Therapists” - Dental Therapist Christy Jo Fogarty | Pew

https://www.youtube.com/watch v=ZRa1N0O8cMk


“Dental Therapy in Minnesota” The Otto Bremer Foundation provided funding to Minnesota State Colleges and Universities...


Access to Care and the Dental Therapist

[Category: Legislative Updates]

ATTENTION!: Click on the link below for an outstanding presentation by the Dean of the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry regarding ACCESS TO CARE and the DENTAL THERAPIST.

Below is a link to the recording of the webinar presented by Leon A. Assael, DMD, Dean, University of Minnesota School of Dentistry on the country’s oral health care crisis, gaps in the delivery systems and the...


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