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Presidential Address Spring 2009

[Category: Presidential Address]

President s Address
Jeanne Huber, ODHA President

Today, the crocuses are poised under the frozen ground awaiting the new beginning of another spring. At the same time, ODHA looks to a fresh beginning with a new president s efforts to preserve and advance the profession of dental hygiene, as she has sworn to do. I have begun this new year with delivery of the promised brochure promoting...


Presidential Address Spring 2012

[Category: Presidential Address]

Greetings fellow dental hygienists! It s hard to believe that spring is already here. Actually, with the great March weather we have had it feels more like summer. I started my Presidency by attending Unleashing Your Potential in Chicago the weekend following ODHA Annual Session in November. ODHA Treasurer, Rachel Henry attended also. The weekend was designed to mentor those who are...


Presidential Address Summer 2011

[Category: Presidential Address]

Right now, I love the position of President of the Ohio Dental Hygienists' Association (ODHA)! So many exciting things are happening for our profession and our Association. The scope of practice for Ohio s dental hygienists is increasing! Recent Ohio State Dental Board rulings provide Ohio s dental hygienists with the opportunity to administer nitrous oxide. Also, 2010 passage of House...


Message From the President

[Category: From the President]


Odontia Winter 2012 Newsletter

[Category: Newsletters]

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