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New information posted in Members Only

[Category: Legislative Updates]

Dear ODHA Members: The new monthly lobbyist report is available in the members only section of the website! Check back regularly for IMPORTANT updates!

Obtain your Masters of Science in Dental Hygiene at the Ohio State University online!

[Category: Career Development]

Earn your Masters of Science in Dental Hygiene at The Ohio State University online!


Wendy J. Moore, RDH, MSA

Associate Professor of Clinical Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene Graduate Program Director

The OSU College of Dentistry Div of Dental Hygiene



Odontia Spring 2014

[Category: Newsletters]

Read all about the latest updates in our state, including legislative initiatives, practice act changes, and continuing education by clicking here

*Note: for members only

Monthly Lobbyist Report

[Category: Legislative Updates]

ODHA MEMBERS! Log on to the Members Only portion of this website and click on Legislative Reports! You will find this new document informative and riveting! This report is confidential and for ODHA members ONLY!

Odontia Newsletter Special Edition 2013

[Category: Newsletters]

Take a moment to read about the history of dental hygiene in Ohio, people who have made a difference in dental hygiene and ODHA and milestones that have been achieved over the years by clicking here.

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