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ODHA News and Events


[published: 11/01/2018 in Annual Session]

Attention ADHA Members! Judges are needed for Student Presentations! Please click on the following link, or go to the Student Page and click on 2018 Judge Application to apply for this important honor!

http://odha.net/docs/2018 ODHA Judges Application 2018.pdf

2018 ODHA Annual Session Documents Available

[published: 10/24/2018 in Annual Session]

ODHA Members, Delegates and Officers:

New documents are posted on the Members Pages including information that you will need to successfully navigate the 2018 ODHA Annual Session. Please click on the tab " Delegates Reference Materials".

2018 Annual Session Registration Now Open!

[published: 08/14/2018 in Annual Session]

Register for the 2018 Ohio Dental Hygienists' Association Annual Session!





Private Online Reservations for the ODHA

Room Block at the: Sheraton Four Points



Room Block at the: Fairfield Inn & Suites, Col/Polaris





Annual Session Approaching

[published: 10/24/2017 in Annual Session]

ODHA Members: Please be sure to log on to the members only pages and click on the Delegates Reference Materials tabs for  regular updates! Added 10/11/2017:  2017-2018 Candidates Brochure and 2018 Proposed Budget.


Added 10/17/2017: 2017 ODHA Annual Reports, 2017 Final Budget, and the HOD Seating Chart.

Added 10/18/2017: The Sandy Winchell Award  Criteria and Nomination form



Nominate an Outstanding Hygienist Today

[published: 10/18/2017 in Annual Session]

Please check the criteria for the awards and scholarships and nominate an outstanding hygienist today!

Click here to get to the ODHA Scholarships Page.

Click here to get to the ODHA Awards Page.

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