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ODHA News and Events

Delegates Reference Materials being updated regularly

[published: 10/20/2016 in Annual Session]

Be sure to log on to the Members Only portion of the ODHA website to view Delegates Reference Materials for the 2016 ODHA Annual Session!

2016 Annual Session REGISTRATION

[published: 09/20/2016 in Annual Session]

Save The Date ODHA Annual Session 2016

[published: 09/08/2016 in Annual Session]

Save the Date to  attend the ODHA 2016 Annual Session! November 18-20, 2016. Click here to register and to book a room.

ODHA Annual Session 2015

[published: 11/22/2015 in Annual Session]

Scroll through the ODHA 2015 Annual Session photos! Included are Opening Ceremonies, featuring the Executive Director of the Ohio Dental Board, Harry Kamdar; Dr. Denise Bowers, past ADHA President and photos from the Legislative Luncheon, First Timers Lunch, House of Delegates, Student Functions, new and returning trustees, and the President's Reception.

Click on the image to enlarge.

Members Only Pages Updates

[published: 09/12/2015 in Annual Session]

Attention Delegates, Alternate Delegates, Officers and All Members: The category "Delegate Reference Materials" is being updated regularly in preparation for Annual Session, and is available to members only. Be sure to check the Members Only page on a regular basis.

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