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Senate Bill 98

[published: 10/10/2017 in Legislative Updates]

click on the link below, or copy and paste in your browser, to read the proposed legislation and a summary of Senate Bill 98 (Dental Therapist Bill).


Link to House Bill 184

[published: 10/10/2017 in Legislative Updates]

Click on the link below, or copy and paste into your browser, to read the proposed legislation House Bill 184 (The Teledentistry Bill) and a link to the bill summary




[published: 10/06/2017 in Legislative Updates]

URGENT! ODHA NEEDS YOUR HELP! DEADLINE OCTOBER 11! Contact your legislators since we anticipate that HB 184 will be on the calendar Wednesday, October 11th for a vote.

ODHA Members, please go to the Members Only pages and read about HB 184 and comments on changes to HB 184.

The bullet will help you  discuss ODHA's position. ODHA opposes the bill and seeks to be referred back to the committee...


House Bill 184

[published: 09/18/2017 in Legislative Updates]

ODHA Members! Log on to the Members Only portion of the website to read the latest about HB 184, the "Teledentistry" Bill. New information posted today, September 18, 2017!

At Statehouse Event, Senators Lehner and Thomas Join Dentists to Discuss Dental Workforce Legislation

[published: 05/25/2017 in Legislative Updates]

Today at the Ohio Statehouse, Senator Peggy Lehner (R-Dayton) and Senator Cecil Thomas (D-Cincinnati) joined dentists and advocates to discuss dental access in Ohio and to describe how Senate Bill 98 (SB98), the Dental Therapist Bill, will help improve access to needed dental care. SB98, a bill cosponsored by Senators Lehner and Thomas, would allow dental therapists to practice in Ohio’s...


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