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Ohio State Dental Board, Dental Hygienist Member Opening

[published: 09/20/2016 in Legislative Updates]

Good Afternoon,
I wanted to inform the membership that there is an opening for a dental hygienist to serve on the Ohio State Dental Board.  The term of office is to fulfill a seat that expires in April 2017.  The candidate nominated and named to serve could be eligible to serve two, 4-year full terms of office.  The Board meets 8 times per year in Columbus. 
We currently have two members from the Columbus area and the Ohio Revised Code states that geographical diversity is encouraged, so we are seeking nominees from outside Columbus.  Additionally, we are limited to one dental hygiene educator on the Board (Connie Clark will fill that role until 2018).  
A few years ago, ODHA established a procedure to replace members of the Ohio State Dental Board.  Below are the steps that ODHA members need to follow to seek the Association nomination to the Governor.  
  1. Members interested shall submit in writing a resume and the application for Boards and Commissions (found on the Governor’s website and attached) with their request to be considered for recommendation for appointment to the Legislative Committee Chair. The application is attached.
  2. The Legislative Committee will discuss the names listed and submit a maximum of 5 names to the Governor.
  3. The following will be considered when making the list and the order they are listed.
  4. Members shall have an interest in Dental and Dental Hygiene Laws and Rules and the Dental Practice Act.
  5. Members shall be of good moral character, good stewards of ODHA and dedicated to the profession of Dental Hygiene.
  6. Members interested should be attending OSDB meetings as a spectator prior to submitting their names for consideration.
  7. The list for submission to the Governor will have the top candidate on the top of the list.
  8. Once the list is compiled by the Legislative Committee it will be presented to the Board of Trustees for approval. If the list needs to be submitted to the Governor’s office before a Board of Trustees meeting is scheduled then an electronic vote shall be cast.
  9. The President shall submit a letter to the Governor to recommend reappointment of current board members if approved. (Not applicable in this case).
Timing is of the essence in getting this application submitted for the Governor’s consideration.  Please note that Item 6. indicates that an interested candidate should attend an OSDB meeting prior to submitting their name for nomination.  The OSDB meets November 9th, and December 7th, 2016.   Applications must be submitted to Ann Naber, Legislative Committee Chair,aenrdh@sbcglobal.net by January 6, 2017. 




Click here for the Ohio State Boards and Commissions Application form. 

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