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Don't know who your senator or representative is?

Find YOUR Senator HERE 

Find Your Representative HERE 

Click HERE to access the OHASP (Oral Healthcare Access Supervision Program) TOOLKIT
Click here to read about Ohio's OHASP program, and to learn about this opportunity for licensed dental hygienists in Ohio. 

ODHA News and Events

Legislative Update by Matt Whitehead, Director of Legislative Affairs, Governmental Policy Group

[published: 08/27/2015 in Legislative Updates]

Legislative Reception 2014 Pictures in Review!

[published: 04/01/2014 in Legislative Updates]

Enjoy looking through pictures from this year's Legislative Reception held in March at the State House in Columbus, Ohio.

Find your Senator or Representative Here

[published: 03/27/2014 in Legislative Updates]

The Ohio Dental Hygienists' Association encourages you to contact your state Senator and your Representative. Click here to find YOUR senator. Click here to find YOUR representative.

Sealant Amendment Passes!

[published: 07/25/2013 in Legislative Updates]

Read about the Ohio Dental Hygienists' latest success in serving the most needy among us! We are so proud to announce that Governor Kasich signed the amendment that our organization espoused to help Ohio children avoid decay and get preventive treatment in a timely manner. Click here for a synopsis! 

And to link to the actual bill 59 as enacted, click here.

Oral Healthcare Access Supervision Program (OHASP)

[published: 04/08/2013 in Legislative Updates]

ODHA, in accordance with our mission statement, encourages all registered dental hygienists practicing in Ohio to qualify and apply for an Oral Health Access Supervision Program (OHASP) permit. To assist you in this process, we have posted the following "toolkit" slide show. This document highlights the nuances of the program and what it takes to qualify to become a provider who will safely...


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