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ODHA Service Award

Continued service to one’s professional organization is vital to the success of that organization. Members often serve the organization unselfishly without receiving formal recognition or thanks for their efforts. The ODHA Service Award is designed to recognize a member who has given unselfishly to the STATE Dental Hygienist’ Association for five or more years. Any ODHA member may be nominated if the criteria outlined in the application form is met.

Deadline to submit award applications is October 12, 2019.  Download the ODHA SERVICE AWARD Criteria/Application here.



2018 ODHA Service Award Winner Deborah Stevens

2018: Deborah Stevens 

2017: Chris Harmison
2016: Jayne Klett
2015: Beth Tronolone
2014: Rachel Henry
2013: Connie Hamm

2012: Terri Orban
2011: Suzy Savanick
2010: Jeanne Huber
2009: Angie Demko
2008: Pat Frese
2007: Anne Missig-Henry
2006: Pat Park
2005: Linda Hewetson
2004: Mary Herrmann
2003: Lynda Sabat
2002: Cheryl Herrmann & Kathy Lodge
2001: Sandy Winchell & Linda Hewetson
2000: Sandy Brado
1999: Biz McClure
1998: Chris Harmison
1997: Mary Kaye Scaramucci
1996: Trudy Palameteer
1995: Sandy Winchell
1994: Nancy Donini
1993: Ann Naber & Donna Mazzone
1992: Deb Oblisk
1991: Lynette Lynn Lynn-Fraser
1990: Lou Barrett


ODHA Outstanding Effort Award
This award is designed to honor a selected member or ODHA Committee who has best exemplified outstanding service to the STATE Dental Hygienists’ Association during the fiscal year. An individual or Committee may be nominated for this award if the criteria outlined in the application form is met.

Deadline to submit award applications is October 12, 2019.  Download the 2019 ODHA Outstanding Effort Award Criteria here.  


Outstanding Effort Award Recipients

2018 Outstanding Effort Award Winner Patricia Ramunno


2018: Patricia Ramunno 

2017: Angela Kosmoski
2016: Shannon Sweeney and Kim Moore
2015: Barb Ranck
2014: Susan Johnston
2013: Deborah Stevens
2012: Beth Tronolone
2011: Rachel Henry
2010: Angie Demko & Connie Hamm
2009: Anne Missig-Henry
2008: Gretchen Matty
2007: Member Services Council
2006: Katie Camp
2005: Janelle Schierling & Jacolynn Fischer
2004: Melissa Williams & Suzy Savanick
2003: Denise Bowers
2002: None submitted
2001: Beth Monin
2000: Clifford Jones
1999: Linda Hewetson
1998: Kim Cahill & Jill Hay
1997: TDW Committee
1996: Sheranita Hemphill
1995: Government Relations
1994: Kathy Zukie
1993: None submitted
1992: Terrie Pope
1991: Corrine Woodworth
1990: Membership Committee


Sandy Winchell
Sandra L. Winchell Exemplary Service Award

A professional organization is only as strong as the commitment of its members to the organization’s success.

While it is often the leaders of an organization that are rightfully given credit for its achievements, it requires other dedicated members who selflessly give of themselves in supporting roles for the plans of the organization’s leaders to reach fruition.

For the efforts of these unsung members, the Sandra L. Winchell Exemplary Service Award has been created in Sandy’s name. This award was created to honor her longstanding commitment to ODHA, her timely use of her creative talents to benefit ODHA, and her lasting impact on the image and reputation of ODHA.

The recipient will be recognized during the ODHA Annual Session and be presented a monetary award of $500.00 made possible through a generous contribution by Sandy’s husband, Jerry Winchell.

Please click here to read more about this award and submit a nominee.


Sandra L. Winchell Exemplary Service Award 2016  Ann Naber on left, Recipient; Barb Ranck on right, Presenter


Sandra L. Winchell Exemplary Service Award Recipients:  

2017:No Recipient
2016: Ann Naber                                                        
2014:Katie Camp
2013: Connie Clark
2012: Cheryl Herrmann
2011: Pat Powers
2010: Chris Harmison
2009: Elizabeth "Biz" McClure
2008: Krista Ventresco
2007: Sandy Brado




Margie A. Pearce Aspiring Professional Award

This award was developed by the Government Relations Committee of the Ohio Dental Hygienists' Association.  It is meant to recognize the contributions of a grassroots member who has promoted the profession of dental hygiene through legislative involvement.

To be eligible for nomination, the candidate must:
Be nominated by an ODHA member must have at least 5 (five) years cumulative membership in ODHA.                                                                                                                                                                      


The candidate's nomination letter should include the following criteria for selection:                                                                                                                                                                                      
1.Activities that improve the image of dental hygiene
2.Eagerness to grow in the professional organization
3.Recognition of the value of mentoring
4.Legislative contributions on the local/state level


Margie A. Pearce Aspiring Professional Award Recipients:

2017          No recipient

2016          No recipient

2015          Ann Naber

2014       Barbara Ranck

2013       Kelly Oberg

2012       Linda Wilson
2011       Beth Tronolone
2010       Deborah Tennyson
2009       no recipient
2008       no recipient
2007       Jeanne Huber
2006       Angie Pavicic
2005       Susan Johnson-Blake
2004       Sandra Wise
2003       Anne Missing
2002       Krista Ventresco
2001       Denise Bowers
2000       Arlene Boyles
1999       Lynette-Lynn Fraser
1998       Darla Longstreth
1997       Susan Dyer






 The Patricia V. Griffiths Memorial Award

Patricia V Griffiths' professional career began when she graduated from the University of Michigan with a certificate in Dental Hygiene in 1945. That same year, she returned to Ohio -- beginning employment as a clinical dental hygienist and immediately becoming involved with the Ohio Dental Hygienists' Association. Pat's commitment to ODHA led her to be a founding member of THREE components-- Columbus, Cleveland and Southern Ohio. Her first state leadership role was that of ODHA Secretary, and in 1950 (only five years after graduating from the University) she served as ODHA president. At that time, 1950, the total number of ODHA members was fewer than 100.

Pat remained in private practice 31 years, and, in 1976, accepted the position of "Clinical Director of Dental Hygiene" at the newly established Scioto Technical College, which later became Shawnee State University. She was hired with the stipulation that she complete her bachelor's degree. So, at the age of 53, while serving as a full-time faculty member, she attended evening and weekend classes and obtained her Bachelor of Science and Education from Ohio University.

Pat remained at Shawnee State University until 1983, when heart problems interfered with her ability to continue as a clinician. It was then that she began to focus on community dental health and began post graduate studies at the University of Cincinnati. This led to employment at Columbus Childrens' Hospital where she was responsible for writing grants, educating parents and young children, and mentoring OSU's dental hygiene students.

The diversity of Pat's professional commitment led to many honors throughout her career -- including the highest distinction of "Life Member" of the American Dental Hygienists' Association.

In her honor, the Patricia V Griffiths Memorial Award is presented biennially, to ONE member of the Academy of Dental Hygiene Studies who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to education of self and community. A minimum of 50 CEU and 8 hours of volunteer community service, during the current biennium, are required for eligibility.

The deadline for submission of the PVG Memorial Award is October 17, 2019.

Please Click HERE for the Patricia V. Griffiths Memorial Award Application


Michele Labasi, 2017

Contributions and applications to the Patricia V. Griffiths Memorial Award may be mailed directly to:

Jill Hay

8600 Agerter Rd

Spencerville, OH 45887



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