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See the following email from ADHA Government Affairs Manager, J.T. Mackey:

ADHA is pleased to share the draft text of the licensure compact for dental hygiene and dentistry. In 2021, the U.S. Department of Defense, in partnership with The Council of State Governments (CSG) selected ADHA & ADA to receive technical assistance with interstate licensure compact development. This was a competitive application process and we were pleased to be selected for the project!  Interstate compacts are contracts between two or more states creating an agreement on a particular policy issue, in this case professional licensure, and adopting a certain standard or cooperating on regional or national matters. The licensure compact is intended to improve license portability by allowing licensees from compact states to be eligible for multistate practice in other compact states.


Through The Council of State Government’s project page you will find links to participate in webinars to learn more about the provisions of the draft legislation. You will also find the draft text itself and a survey to provide feedback on the draft text (coming soon). This stakeholder review period is an important part of the compact development. Please note state legislatures will need to pass nearly identical pieces of legislation to join the compact so broad participation in the review is essential to putting forth the best piece of legislation possible. Once the feedback period is complete, final legislation will be prepared for state legislatures to consider.


ADHA will be sharing this information through ADHA Update and social media channels starting next week. We encourage you to register for one of the upcoming webinars and then complete the survey. Please share this opportunity widely with dental hygienists in your state. ADHA has worked closely with CSG in preparing this draft and we are supportive of the draft language. We are proud to have participated in this project and be the national voice of dental hygienists at the table preparing this draft.


Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything .



J.T. Mackey

ADHA Government Affairs Manager

444 N. Michigan Ave

Suite 400

Chicago, IL 60611

P: 312.440.8914





License portability for Dentists and Dental Hygienists may be closer than you think! Check out this update on the interstate compact project. Make sure to sign up for the weekly compact review meetings!


WEEKLY Zoom meetings every Wednesday at 1pm August 10th-September 14th.

REGISTER HERE. Be a part of the conversation by submitting your questions prior to the webinar. Your registration confirmation email contains a link to submit questions.

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