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  1. To provide a formal structure to which continuing education units (approved by the Academy) earned by licensed dental hygienists will be applied as a prerequisite for membership.
  2. To encourage and promote participation in any and all approved continuing education courses.
  3. To provide dental hygienists throughout Ohio with additional means to meet those objectives listed in Article II of the ODHA bylaws, namely to: improve the oral health of the public; advance the art and science of dental hygiene; maintain the highest standards of dental hygiene education and practice; represent and protect the interests of the dental hygiene profession; improve the professional competence of the dental hygienist; foster research in oral health; and provide professional communications; all in a manner consistent with the Principles of Ethics of the profession.
Academy Bylaws  DOC  PDF 
General Academy Application  DOC PDF
Senior Academy Membership Application  DOC PDF

The Academy of Dental Hygiene Studies continues to honor one of its' members, biennially, with the Patricia V. Griffiths Award, as follows;

Recognition of one member of the ODHA Academy of Dental Hygiene Studies who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to education of self and community.


  • Presented at the annual session of the Ohio Dental Hygienists’ Association
  • Granted biennially, or as determined by the Academy’s Administrative Board
  • Cash award, with amount determined by the Academy’s Administrative Board.


  • Current member of the ODHA Academy of Dental Hygiene Studies
  • Has maintained continuous Academy membership at least 2 years preceding application for Patricia V. Griffiths Award.
  • Completed a minimum of 75 continuing education hours which meet current approval standards set forth by the Ohio State Dental Board, during the past 24 months.
  • Provided a minimum of 8 volunteer hours in community oral health services, during past 24 months.
  • Not a previous recipient of the Patricia V. Griffiths Memorial Award

Contributions to the Patricia V. Griffiths Memorial Award may be mailed directly to:

Patricia Frese RDH MEd
ODHA Academy Treasurer
UC Blue Ash College
9555 Plainfield Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45236

Please, contact Jill Hay, Academy Chair: hay.j@rhodesstate.edu or phone 419-647-8777


Patricia V Griffiths’ professional career began when she graduated from the University of Michigan with a certificate of Dental Hygiene in 1945. That same year, she returned to Ohio--beginning employment as a clinical dental hygienist and immediately becoming involved with the Ohio Dental Hygienists’ Association. Her first leadership role was that of ODHA Secretary, and in 1950 (only 5 years after graduating from the university) she served as ODHA President. At that time—1950—the TOTAL number of ODHA members was TWELVE!!

Pat remained in private practice 31 years, and, in 1976, accepted the position of “Clinical Director” at the newly established Shawnee State University. She was hired with the stipulation that she complete her bachelor’s degree. So, at the age of 53, while serving as a full-time faculty member, she attended evening and weekend classes and obtained her bachelor of science & education from Ohio University.

Pat remained at Shawnee State University until 1983, when heart problems interfered with her ability to continue as a clinician. It was then that she began to focus on community dental health and began post graduate studies at the University of Cincinnati. This led to employment at Columbus’s Children’s Hospital where she was responsible for educating parents and young children in addition to mentoring OSU’s dental hygiene students and writing grants.

The diversity of Pat’s professional commitment led to many honors throughout her career--including the highest distinction of “life member” of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association.



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