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New information posted in Members Only

[Category: Legislative Updates]

Dear ODHA Members: The new monthly lobbyist report is available in the members only section of the website! Check back regularly for IMPORTANT updates!

Monthly Lobbyist Report

[Category: Legislative Updates]

ODHA MEMBERS! Log on to the Members Only portion of this website and click on Legislative Reports! You will find this new document informative and riveting! This report is confidential and for ODHA members ONLY!

Cost-effectiveness of Dental Hygiene Care

[Category: Legislative Updates]

Cost-effectiveness of dental hygiene care
Hygienists should offer a dollar value to preventive dental care
by Howard M. Notgarnie, RDH, EdD

Published in RDH Magazine: Volume 32, Issue 1

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recognizes professional dental hygiene care as a cost-effective measure toward health.1 The National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health...


Legislative Coffee 2007

[Category: Legislative Updates]

ODHA Legislative Coffee Recap - 2007

ODHA’s Legislative Coffee was a very successful event. Forty-three legislators and over eighty staff members visited ODHA’s table and portable equipment display. The theme “Increased access to oral health care” rang loud and clear. Many of the Senators and Representatives understand the oral health crisis in Ohio and would like to see innovative ways...


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