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ODHA Annual Session 2009 Table Clinic Winners

[Category: Student Table Clinic]

Student Information

ODHA Annual Session 2009 Table Clinic Winners
Presented by Connie Hamm, RDH, ODHA Table Clinic Coordinator

First Place- Cranberries Raymond Walters: Jessica Roelling, Morgan Bolling and Akino Kishigawa

Second Place- Preventive Dental Care: Access Granted Columbus State: Chrissy Smith and Steven Brancato

Third Place- An Ounce of Prevention, A Pound of Cure (CAMBRA) Owens State CC: Brittany Williams and Lisa Albright
Christopher Simmons Scholarship Winner
Luke Burroughs from Raymond Walters,
presented by Suzie Savanick,
ODHA Immediate Past President
Christopher Simmons Scholarship

Voting Student Delegates to the
2009 ODHA Second House of Delegates

From Left: Nicole Raver- Columbus State, Cindy Gregg-
Owens State CC and Tonda Hockenberry- OSU

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