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ODHA Student Council Oral Cancer Screenings Video/ Power Point Competition

[Category: Students]

ODHA Student Council Oral Cancer Screenings Video/PowerPoint® Competition


What are the guidelines for this competition

The PowerPoint® or video is an informal presentation using oral communication and visual media to inform, clarify, and present information on Oral Cancer Screenings.


The information should include: Oral Cancer Screening Protocols, Role of the Dental Profession and...


Attention Current Dental Hygiene Students!

[Category: Students]

The ODHA Table Clinic Application is now in fillable format. Click here to fill out the form or go to the Students Page and scroll to Opportunities for Student Presentations at the bottom of the right column.

NEW GRADS! Check out our Career Center Page!

[Category: Students]

Congratulations 2014 Dental Hygiene Graduates! Remember to transition your ADHA Membership, and, when you get your license, remember to post your resume (for free) on the Career Center Site. Click here for direct access to the site, or click on the More tab and scroll to Career Center.


Award-Winning ODHA Tobacco Cessation Presentation on sale

[Category: Students]

Student Table Clinic and Research Poster Competition

[Category: Students]

ATTENTION Dental Hygiene Students!

The 2014 Table Clinic and Research Poster applications are now available on the Student Page! Click here to go to the Student page.

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