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Legislative Coffee 2009

[Category: Legislative Coffee]

Legislative Coffee - 2009

2009 Legislative Coffee Recap, 11 FEB 2009
Although this will be a very challenging year in the Legislature, it was encouraging to see so many interested parties turn out to our Legislative Coffee. Not only were there more than 20 licensed hygienists registered to participate, but this year we were blessed by a record breaking number of students. While this was very encouraging to us, as seasoned hygienists, it was even more inspiring and impressive to the Legislators. Our students were incredible. They were both courageous and bold in expressing their concerns about their futures in the workforce, and their worries about possibly having to leave the State to find employment. The Legislators listened. A special thanks to Sandra Wise for our "checks made payable to the State of Ohio". It was certainly a visual which hit home the additional impact our legislation will have on the workforce. A special thanks to Sandy Winchell for printing ODHA Business Cards to insert into the goodie bags. They added a crisp, professional touch.

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