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2010 Annual Session Student Table Clinic Winners

[Category: Student Table Clinic]

Student Information


2010 Annual Session Student Table Clinic Winners

With special thanks to Connie Hamm, ODHA Table Clinic Coordinator

First Place


First Place: "College for Caries", Jennifer Barr, Nicole Rosenbeck and DeAnna Miller (Owens Community College)

Second Place


Second Place: "Sweet Salvation", Dawn Banfield, Amber Hubbard, Courtney Mihalovic and Erica Copenhaver(Raymond Walters College)

Third Place


Third Place: "Abuse and Dental Awareness", Rebecca Pittman and Davina Lane (Owens Community College)



2010 recipient Sarah Kuczynski on the left and Presenter Krista Ventresco on the right.

The Christopher L. Simmons Memorial Scholarship recognizes a student who has demonstrated academic achievement, a commitment to life long learning, community service, professional association involvement, rapport of faculty and a future vision through the development of personal and professional goals.


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