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ODHA 85th Annual Session

[Category: Annual Session]

ODHA S 85th Annual Session was held on November 14-16 at Cherry Valley Lodge.

Aint no stopping us now was the theme song that outgoing President, Suzy Savanick, District V Trustee, Denise Bowers, and the executive council kicked off the weekend to. There was no stopping the energy that filled the room. It was bound to be a productive weekend. During opening...


Legislative Reception 2009

[Category: Legislative Reception]

Legislative Reception Photos

Presidential Address Fall 2012

[Category: Presidential Address]

ODHA President, Deborah Tennyson
Presidential Address, Fall 2012

Make The Connection

Good afternoon fellow colleagues and guests. It is a pleasure and an honor to speak to you today as President of The Ohio Dental Hygienists Association. It is amazing to be up here. WOW! I truly never imagined it. I'm not sure how I got here, but thank you to all of you who...


Presidential Address Fall 2011

[Category: Presidential Address]

Empower- Support - Develop

Empower /Support /Develop, this is the ADHA brand. I decided to use it as my "theme" for this year, to continue to promote the ADHA/ODHA brand. Incredibly, this is what I have received from serving as president of the Ohio Dental Hygienists' Association (ODHA). Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve! As I have said in previous messages this is a...


Presidential Address Summer 2012

[Category: Presidential Address]

Greetings Dental Hygienists! As summer is in full swing I look back on what activities I have been attending to represent you, The Ohio Dental Hygienists' Association (ODHA) this past spring and summer. In April, I testified to the Senate Health, Human Services and Aging Committee in support of SB 301 and offered an amendment on behalf of ODHA. The amendment was asking for peer review in...


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