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Leadership Retreat Save the Date

[Category: Career Development]

Leadership Retreat, July 22 - 24, 2016

Leadership Retreat

           Any hygienist interested in leadership for ODHA or its components. 

           The speakers will focus on marketing, social media, and finding your leadership strengths.

           Invite your component leadership, delegates, students, and potential members! Click here for more...


2016 Annual Session Save the Date!

[Category: Career Development]

2016 Annual Session Save the Date Details NOVEMBER 18-20, 2016


[Category: Legislative Updates]

Please click here to read an article from the ODHA Government Relations Council regarding pending legislation in Ohio, and updates on brand new legislation in other states regarding the mid-level provider!

Update from ODHA Lobbyist, Matthew Whitehead

[Category: Legislative Updates]

ODHA Student Council Oral Cancer Screenings Video/ Power Point Competition

[Category: Students]

ODHA Student Council Oral Cancer Screenings Video/PowerPoint® Competition


What are the guidelines for this competition

The PowerPoint® or video is an informal presentation using oral communication and visual media to inform, clarify, and present information on Oral Cancer Screenings.


The information should include: Oral Cancer Screening Protocols, Role of the Dental Profession and...


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