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Click HERE to access the OHASP (Oral Healthcare Access Supervision Program) TOOLKIT
Click here to read about Ohio's OHASP program, and to learn about this opportunity for licensed dental hygienists in Ohio. 

ODHA News and Events

Ohio Health Literacy Partners Conference

[published: 09/09/2019 in Exciting News]

The Ohio Health Literacy Partners are holding a conference:

  Building Health Literacy in Ohio  

          October 4, 2019 

        Ashland University

What is Health Literacy and Why is it important?

Health literacy is "the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, communicate, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health...


Oral Health Ohio

[published: 08/27/2019 in Exciting News]

The Health of Your Mouth

Impacts the Health of Your Body.

Click here for a link to Oral Health Ohio and see what we are working on!

2019-2020 ODHA Calendar Published!

[published: 08/11/2019 in Exciting News]

ODHA Calendar 2019-2020 (proposed)


November 3                                                           Post Annual Session BOT

                                                                               Quest Conference Center


December 1                                                           Trustee/Council Chair Bios and picture due





Awards and Scholarships Applications have been updated!

[published: 08/10/2019 in Exciting News]

Announcing the new ODHA Lou Barrett Scholarship! 


Check out our Awards page and our Scholarships page for new descriptions and applications!

Could Dental Therapy Improve Health in Ohio?

[published: 03/31/2018 in Exciting News]

Click on this link to read and to hear an article regarding Dental Therapy in Ohio. Our own Ann Naber is interviewed!



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