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2019-2020 ODHA Calendar Published!

[published: 08/11/2019 in Exciting News]

ODHA Calendar 2019-2020 (proposed)


November 3                                                           Post Annual Session BOT

                                                                               Quest Conference Center


December 1                                                           Trustee/Council Chair Bios and picture due



January 11                                                        Pre-BOT reports due to Secretary



January 25                                                        Officer Orientation, Council Workshops, Strategic

                                                                               Planning and BOT: TBA                                                                               


March   TBA                                                     Advocacy Day: Ohio State House, Columbus, OH



March 14-17                                                          ADEA: National Harbor, MD



March 21                                                          Pre-BOT Reports Due to Secretary



April 3-4                                                               Total Development Symposium and BOT

                                                                        Sinclair Community College, Dayton, OH  


May  TBA                                                             Oral Health Ohio Symposium: TBA



June 5                                                               Dental Team Summit: OSDB Hosting at ODA                                                                                       (invitation only)  1-3PM


June 12-16                                                        ADHA 2020 Annual Conference: New Orleans, LA



July 11                                                               Pre-BOT report due to Secretary



July 25                                                             Leadership Retreat and BOT



August 15                                                         Finance Meeting: Columbus, OH



August 23                                                          HOD Proposals (Pr’s and PBY’s) due to Policy and                                                                                   Bylaws Chair



September 12                                                    Pre-BOT reports due to Secretary



September 13                                                        Annual Reports for committees to their Council Chair



September 24-27                                                   ODA Annual Session: Columbus Convention Center

                                                                               Columbus, OH

September 27                                                    BOT at ODA Annual Session TBA



October 1                                                          Executive Council and Council Chair compiled                                                                                                   Annual Reports for November BOT Due to

                                                                              Policy and Bylaws Chair



October 15-18                                                       ADA Annual Session: Orange Co Convention Center

                                                                                                                   Orlando, FL


October 17                                                        Pre-BOT Reports due to Secretary



November 6                                                      Pre Annual Session BOT 2020 Annual Session:



November 6-8                                                   ODHA 2020 Annual Session: TBA

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