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Your Patient is Addicted to Nicotine. Now What?

[published: 10/31/2022 in ATTENTION PLEASE!]

Topic is:  "Your Patient is Addicted to Nicotine: What is Your Plan?" 
Speaker:  Sherri Warshaw, RDH, CTTS
2 CE Credits
Cost:  Free for Members and Dental Hygiene Students.  $35 for non-members
Pre-register here:  forms.gle/qQVGed5qnKnFqd83A

Course Objectives:  
1. Attendee will be able to discuss with patients the different
forms of nicotine delivery systems.
2. Attendee will understand the types and dosing of FDA
approved medications and OTC products to treat nicotine
3. Attendee will practice through case studies and
cooperative learning different approaches to counseling
nicotine addicted patients.
4. Attendees will be introduced to the concepts involved with
Motivational Interviewing as an approach to behavioral

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