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Provisional Licensure for 2020 Dental Hygiene Graduates

[published: 05/11/2020 in Legislative Updates]

On Saturday, May 9, the Ohio State Dental Board held a special (virtual) meeting to discuss provisional licensure for 2020 Dental and Dental Hygiene graduates in Ohio. After much discussion, the board agreed on the following:

The motion outlines the process to allow for a provisional license for 2020 DDS and RDH graduates to be valid through October 31, 2020 under the following conditions. 


  1. Candidates must have completed their graduation requirements as outlined in CODA standards and their graduation year competencies.
  1. All licensing requirements must be met except passing the patient-based examination administered by a regional testing agency.
  2. The provisional licensee will work under the supervision of an active licensed dentist.
  3. The provisional license will expire by Oct. 31, 2020 by which time the provisional licensee must have passed the patient-based examination administered by a regional testing agency.
  4. The provisional licensee fully understands that an autogenerated message from eLicense may show an expiration date for a full license due to a system limitation but this will not be interpreted to be the expiration date for a provisional license.
  5. Once the provisional licensee has passed the regional board examination, they will submit proof of passing. The Board will require at least 7 business days to process a full license after receiving proof of passing as long as all other licensure requirements have been met. 
  6. The provisional license is available to Spring2020 graduates of CODA-accredited dental and dental hygiene programs.

This proposal must now go to the Governor's (Governor DeWine) for an executive order. The Ohio Dental Hygienists' Association will post the Governor's order as soon as it is provided to us.


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