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Click here to read about Ohio's OHASP program, and to learn about this opportunity for licensed dental hygienists in Ohio. 

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ADHA Interim Guidance on Returning to Work

[published: 05/11/2020 in COVID-19]

Please click on the link below to read a fact-based, scientific and thorough document guiding dental hygienists as they return to work during the COVID-19 Pandemic.



Contact List for COVID-19 Resources

[published: 04/29/2020 in COVID-19]

Guidelines for Returning to Work during COVID-19

[published: 04/28/2020 in COVID-19]

Please click on the following link to read the announcement from the Ohio State Dental Board regarding suggested guidelines for dental offices as they return to work, as Governor DeWine said, "full steam ahead".
State of Ohio Guidelines for Dental Offices as they return to work.

ADHA Campaign to State Governors II

[published: 04/21/2020 in Legislative Updates]

Link to ADHA COVID-19 Resource Page

[published: 04/20/2020 in COVID-19]

Some of you who listened to the ODHA "Assessing Your Needs" Webinar have asked about the links to the resources that District V Trustee, Beth Tronolone, described in her presentation.

Please click on the link here to access the ADHA COVID-19 Resource Page for Dental Hygienists.

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