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Shannon Sweeney, ODHA 2020-2021 PRESIDENT




Shannon Sweeney ODHA 2020-2021 ODHA PRESIDENT


Shannon is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati-Blue Ash.  It was formerly known as UC Raymond Walters College.  She obtained an Associates of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene in 2002. 

Shannon is an active and engaged member of the Columbus Component. She has served Columbus as President for 2 years, Immediate Past President, Scholarship Committee, Trustee, and Delegate over the years.  Currently, she serves as the Scholarship Committee chair.

Over the last 9 years, she has served ODHA as President, Vice President, Secretary, Charter Task Force co-chair, ADHA Delegate, Annual Session Council, Columbus Trustee, ODHA Delegate, a Legislative Committee and Finance Committee member.  She was inducted to ODHA's Academy of Dental Hygiene Studies in 2013.  Shannon attended ADHA's "Unleashing Your Potential" in 2014.  She was awarded ODHA's 2016 "Outstanding Effort Award”, 2020 “Service Award” and 2020 “Margie A. Pearce Aspiring Professional Award”.

Shannon is a Girl Scout Co-Leader for her daughter's troop.  The girls have been active and involved in their community for the last 9 years.  Guiding young women to be our future leaders is a passion for her.  In addition to her troop, Shannon is also involved in her Girl Scout Service Unit having served as a Delegate and Annual Events committee.

Shannon lives and works part-time in Hilliard. Over the years she has worked in pediatrics, periodontics, and general practices in Ohio, Arizona, and Texas.








 2020-2021 Immediate Past President










 Christopher Immormino, 2020-2021 ODHA Immediate Past President 


Christopher lives in Northeastern Ohio in Concord Township. He attended Lakeland Community College and earned an Associates of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene in 2009. After graduation, He volunteered at the Cleveland Free Clinic for a year serving the local people of Cleveland. During his time there he was able to see the needs of the people and how important it is to expand access to care. Currently, he works at a DSO full time and has been there since 2010. Chris has been involved in the association since 2010 at the component level serving as Media relations Secretary, Vice President, President, ODHA Delegate and Trustee. In 2016 he was nominated for Vice President and was Elected. He then went on to serve as President-Elect for the 2017-2018 year. This past year he volunteered to serve ODHA in Columbus as an unfunded ADHA Delegate. Currently he is honored to be the current President of the Ohio Dental Hygienists’ Association. In his life away from Dental Hygiene, His interests include spending time with his family, Cleveland Indians Baseball, playing fantasy baseball, playing guitar, and listening to music and critiquing movies and shows with friends.  


Lainey Foster, ODHA 2020-2021 Vice President 


Lainey Foster 2020-2021 ODHA Vice President


Lainey graduated in 2015 from Owens Community College with an Associate of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene. She also received her Bachelor of Science in Allied Health from Bowling Green State University in 2019. Over the last five years, Lainey has worked in private practices throughout Michigan and Ohio. She now lives and works back in her hometown of Columbus! 

Lainey has been an active member of her local component, ODHA, and ADHA since graduation. She has served as Secretary of Toledo Dental Hygienists’ Association, Secretary of ODHA, and ADHA 1 year Delegate. She is excited to continue her role as ADHA Delegate and ODHA Vice President. 

In her free time, she loves spending time with her friends, family, and her dog, Mia. She also enjoys various music and art activities, such as playing piano, attending concerts, and painting.



     Anne Missig, ODHA Treasurer


 Anne Missig, 2020-2021 ODHA Treasurer

Hi There!  I have been a member of our Association for 30 years!  During that time I have served in various leadership roles at every level, including ADHA Finance Committee Member, Region B, Policy and ByLaws, ODHA President, Government Relations Member and Chair, Audit Chair, Finance Committee Member, as well as an Access to Care Taskforce appointment.

In addition, I am a Past President of two Components (both Cleveland and Cincinnati).  I was appointed to the Ohio State Dental Board in 2013.  I am currently serving as your ODHA Treasurer, and as an Examiner for the CDCA. 

I love our Profession! As a member, I have a duty to uphold the office I have been elected to, as well as to respect and obey the tenants of the Association and my colleagues.  Most of all, I am charged with representing and protecting YOU.  I believe I have demonstrated that passion over the years, to the point of instilling it in my Daughter, who is a Registered Nurse Professional, as well. I am very proud of her accomplishments!   Amanda is married to David, and has blessed me with 4 beautiful grandbabies!  Ambrya (Bry) 18, Jackson 7, Matthew 3 and Benjamin nearly1!



 Lydia Keipert, ODHA 2020-2021 Secretary



Lydia Keipert, 2020-2021 ODHA Secretary

Lydia Keipert is a 2018 graduate of Lakeland Community College with her AAS in Dental Hygiene where she was awarded the Outstanding Student of the Year award.

Lydia has been an active and engaged member of the Northeastern component since graduation. She has served as Co-Media Relations Secretary, ODHA Delegate, Trustee (2-year Term) and currently President-Elect.

Lydia works full time in private practice in Mentor, OH, where she loves putting patients needs first. When she is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her Husband, Joe and their dog, Lola.





         Gretchen Matty, Speaker of the House

 Gretchen Matty, Speaker of the House

Gretchen is a 1998 graduate of Rhodes State College with her AAS in Dental Hygiene. In 2011 she graduated with her BAS in Dental Hygiene from Siena Heights University. 
Gretchen has been an active member of her local component, Northwestern, ODHA and ADHA since graduation. 
Gretchen has served as President of NWODHA seven different times. For her component, over the last 20 years, she has been President, President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary, Alternate and Delegate, Legislative Chair, Newsletter Editor, Membership Chair, Bylaws Chair, and many special committees.
Gretchen has also been active for ODHA as well over the years. Most notably, she is a Past President of ODHA. She served the organization as President in 2007. She has been President; President-Elect; Immediate Past President; Vice President; Annual Session Council Chair; Total Development Weekend Chair; ADHA delegate, senior delegate, alternate delegate; Policy Review Committee Chair;  a member of the Legislative Committee, Finance Committee, and Administrative Planning Council.

Gretchen has worked in private practice for 22 years.
When she is not at work, she is actively participating in her children's lives. Ethan, 19 years, is active duty U.S. Army; Sheridan, 15 years is active in football and wrestling; Aleah 13 years is active in soccer and softball plus both are active with Science Olympiad and various other academics.

After 26 years of marriage, let us not forget her husband, Sean. Without his support, her service to her profession and family would not be possible.














President's Message

Shannon Sweeney 

It is my honor and privilege to serve as your President for the 2020-2021 year. I will be keeping my theme FOCUS again this year, but I challenge each of you to include the meaning of FOCUS in your leadership journey.

F-future of ODHA

O- opportunities




How can YOU create opportunities to grow our membership, our community, keep us united and find more coalitions for ODHA to become a part of?


I look forward to working with our newly installed Board of Trustees. No matter what this year has installed for us, I know we will be able to accomplish anything together! All we need to do is keep our FOCUS!

Thank you,

Shannon Sweeney, RDH

ODHA President




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