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 Kelly Oberg, ODHA President 2022-2023




Kelly is a 2003 Honors graduate of Sinclair Community College. She completed her Local Anesthesia at The Ohio State University in 2007 and her Nitrous Oxide Administration in 2012. She completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administrative, Marketing on October 12, 2021, through Western Governor’s University. 

Her participation at the component level began shortly after graduation where she served as Secretary, President, Delegate, and Trustee for Mad River Valley. She then expanded her involvement at the state level as Odontia Editor 2010-2016, Legislative Reception Chair 2012, Vice-President 2013, Website Design Committee 2013, Legislative Committee Member 2012-2013, TDW Committee Chair 2020, Database manager, Dayton Trustee 2019-2021, ADHA Alternate Delegate 2021, ADHA Delegate 2022, and ODHA President-Elect 2021-2022. Kelly was also the recipient of “Margie A. Pearce Award” in 2012 and “Outstanding Service Award” in 2020. 

Kelly works 5 days a week at Dr. Bryan Dodd’s office in Beavercreek and has been with him for 13 years. She is proud to be part of her dental office family and one of the 12 hygienists in the practice. 

She is originally from WV and attended WVU before joining the Air Force in 1995. She met her husband, Richard, at Keesler, AFB in Biloxi, MS. They were married in 1996 in Oklahoma City and had their oldest son Christian shortly after. Richard and Kelly moved to Ohio in 1998 to help take care of Richard’s mother and have lived here since. 

Christian married his wife, Crystal in August 2022. They currently reside in Germany, and both serve in the Armed Forces. We are very proud of them. Victoria, her daughter, is attending BGSU studying Adolescent and Young Adult Education in Mathematics. She is on track to graduate with her bachelor’s degree in 3 years. 

Kelly is excited to be serving as ODHA’s President this year. 


 Shannon Sweeney, ODHA Immediate Past President






Shannon Sweeney,  ODHA Immediate Past President  


Shannon Sweeney is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati. She obtained an Associates of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene in 2002 and Local Anesthesia/Nitrous Oxide administration from Phoenix College in 2010.

Currently, Shannon is serving ODHA as Immediate-Past President. Over the years, Shannon has served ODHA as President, Vice President, Secretary, Charter Task Force co-chair, ADHA Delegate, Annual Session Council, and is currently an active member of the Legislative Committee and Finance Committee. She was inducted into ODHA’s Academy of Dental Hygiene Studies in 2013. Shannon attended ADHA’s 2014 “Unleashing Your Potential”, a national leadership symposium. She was awarded ODHA’s 2016 “Outstanding Effort Award”, ODHA’s 2020 “Service Award” and ODHA’s 2020 “Margie A. Pearce Aspiring Professional Award”.

As an active and engaged member of the Columbus Component, Shannon has served Columbus as President, Immediate Past-President, Scholarship Committee, Trustee, and Delegate. Currently, she serves as the CDHA Scholarship Committee Chair.

Shannon is also a Girl Scout Troop Leader and Cookie Mom for her daughter’s troop. The girls have been active and involved in their community for the last 11 years. Shannon has worked in pediatrics, periodontics, and general practices in Ohio, Arizona, and Texas.

Currently, Shannon lives and works in Hilliard.

 Beth Monnin, ODHA President-Elect 2022-2023


Beth Monnin, ODHA President-Elect

Beth Monnin, MSEd, RDH, is an Associate Professor at the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College. She graduated from Lima Technical College in 1995, The Ohio State University in 2001, and the University of Dayton in 2004. She has over 25 years of experience in the dental hygiene field in both the educational and clinical settings. Beth’s research interests include equity and inclusion, radiology, substance use/vaping, human trafficking, and mindfulness.

She has been an ADHA member for nearly all her 25+ years as a dental hygienist and has served ODHA in many capacities, including secretary, member services chair, student council chair, administrative assistant, and ADHA delegate. She has also served in leadership roles in both the Dayton and Cincinnati components as president and trustee. She currently serves as ODHA President-Elect. When she is not teaching dental hygiene students she is reading, trail running, cross fitting, or watching Ohio State football/basketball or Reds baseball.


 Kelly Kneale, ODHA VP 2022-2023



Kelly Kneale, ODHA Vice President  

Kelly graduated magna cum laude from Cuyahoga Community College in 2018 with an Associate of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene. She has worked in private practice since graduating, and currently resides in North Olmsted.

Kelly has been an active member of her local component serving as their trustee since 2018, and has decided to branch out to the state level as vice president!

Kelly enjoys spending time with her husband, Allan, and their rescue animals in her free time. She frequents rock climbing gyms and attends concerts with friends as well.




 Maddie Dulaney, 2022- 2023 ODHA Treasurer



Maddie Dulaney, ODHA Treasurer 

Maddie is a 2020 graduate of Lakeland Community College. Since she graduated, she has been very involved with the association. She has served as media relations chair, delegate, trustee, and is currently President for the Northeastern Ohio component. Maddie is the newly elected treasurer for ODHA. She is very excited to continue her journey with the association and fulfill other leadership roles in the future.

Maddie works as a part time hygienist for a private practice in Concord, Ohio. When she has free time, she spends it with her 2 soon to be 3 kids and husband, Jake

 Kelsie Kline, ODHA Secretary 2022-2023




Kelsie Kline, ODHA Secretary


Kelsie graduated from Stark State College, where she obtained two Associate of Applied Science degrees, Dental Assisting (2012) and Dental Hygiene (2015). At her first practice, she enthusiastically worked her way through career promotions from dental assistant to dental hygienist, to eventually office manager. She assisted in developing and implementing COVID-19 protocols, to enable their practice to return to work sooner. Kelsie currently works full-time as a Registered Dental Hygienist at the Akron Smile practice of Dr. Ryan Walton. The aspect of her work that she enjoys most is providing outstanding patient care. 

While new to ODHA leadership, Kelsie is excited to assist in the future growth and development of the program. She’s known for her energetic motivation and organized approach, and looks forward to advancing knowledge and advocacy for dental hygienists across Ohio. 

In her free time you’ll find her out pursing her passion, long-distance running. She recently completed a lifetime achievement and qualified for the Boston Marathon, with plans to run it in 2023. She also serves the community by coaching a youth running club in Tallmadge, OH. Just as she was mentored at a young age, she’s passing on the skills and helping to foster a community of elementary age runners.

Outside of running, she loves to be around others, sharing experiences and time together. You’ll find her and husband Mike in search of live music or a local sports game, or chilling with their pets Zeke (Rhodesian Ridgeback) and Duke (black & white tuxedo cat).









         Deborah Stevens, Speaker of the House

Deborah Stevens, Speaker of the House


Deborah graduated from Greenville Technical College in 1995 with an Associate in Health Science with a Major in Dental Hygiene. Since graduating she has completed education and exam requirements for local anesthesia and nitrous oxide administration. Deborah is excited to serve as ODHA Speaker of the House and ADHA Delegate this year.

Since moving to Ohio, Deborah has served ODHA over the past 20 years in many roles. Deborah has served as President, President Elect, Immediate Past President, Vice President, Trustee, Administrative Planning Council Chair, Annual Session Council Chair, Policy and Bylaws Chair, ADHA Alternate Delegate, ADHA Delegate and ADHA Delegate Chair. She has also served on Legislative Committee, Finance Committee, Audit Committee, Total Development Weekend Council/Committee, Annual Session Council and O-HY-PAC.

Deborah is a member of the Columbus Component and has served on a component level as Trustee, President, President Elect Immediate Past President, ODHA Delegate and on several committees. 

On a National Level Deborah has served ADHA as Delegate and Alternate Delegate. She attended ADHA Lobby Day in Washington DC in 2009. In 2011, Deborah was selected and attended ADHA’s Unleashing your Potential in Chicago. In 2018, volunteered at ADHA Annual Conference when it was here in Columbus. She helped with Community Service Day, Plenary Sessions, and the Hospitality Booth. 

Deborah has received many awards for her service over the years. She received in 2005 the ODHA President’s Award from Clifford Jones, in 2010 the ODHA Margie A. Pearce Aspiring Professional Award, in 2013 the ODHA Outstanding Effort Award, in 2018 the ODHA Service Award, in 2019 the Sandra L Winchell Exemplary Service Award and the ODHA Outstanding Effort Award as a part of the Total Development Weekend Council, in 2020 a Presidential Citation from Shannon Sweeney and in 2021 the Patricia V Griffiths Memorial Award. Deborah is also a senior member of Ohio Dental Hygienists’ Association Academy of Dental Hygiene Studies.

Deborah practiced dental hygiene in Virginia and Tennessee prior to moving to Ohio in 2000. She resides in Dublin and works full-time in a periodontal practice in Worthington. In Deborah’s free time she enjoys cooking, spending time with her son Hunter and her dog Gracey (yes, spelled like the instrument).













President's Message

Kelly Oberg


I am honored to be ODHA’s President and to have such a great Executive Council and Board of Trustees to work with.  Our Immediate Past President, Shannon Sweeney, has paved the way for us these last three years and helped us to F.O.C.U.S.  I am going to use her example with my theme.




B- Believe.  First and foremost, you need to believe that you matter as a member, because you do.  Then you need to believe that our organization on the component, state, and national level is working for the best interest of our Dental Hygiene Profession.  Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak and as hygienists I think we all are courageous. We need to stand up for what we believe in without harming others. I employ all of you as members to stand up for our association. You can believe as President I will stand up for you.


U- Unity.   We need to be united as an organization for a house divided cannot stand. Let’s nurture and grow our relationships within ODHA.  The more we work on strengthening our dental hygiene family the more others will want to join us.  I encourage all of you to be there for one another and build each other up as together we work on building membership. As Helen Keller said “Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much."


I- Imagine Visualization is the formation of a mental image of something.  Please watch and try the Power of Visualization by Tony Robbins. Here is the YouTube link https://youtu.be/Z75gM-fBZow . I want you all to visualize growing our membership by 100 members this year in honor of ADHA’s 100-year Anniversary. 


L- Learn "When we think we have things already figured out, we're not teachable." We all have something to learn from each other.  Let’s be an organization of growth not only in the 100 new members that we are going to get this year, but let’s be receptive to new ideas or opinions. Even if the ideas do not seem new to all of us, let us be approachable and open to trying something again.   All of us are leaders and I want us to be the best. The best leaders are humble. They don’t over-inflate their own abilities; they recognize that there’s always more to learn.


D- Discover The world has been through some drastic changes over the last 2 almost 3 years.  Some people we know are working from home and we are having more and more meetings and events virtually.  The goal is for us to discover ways that we can connect on a deeper level.  Remember we are teachable and open to learning new ways to build relationships without getting together.  We all agree that in person is so much easier and we have a great time when we are together. Let’s be intentional about connecting with each other and building deeper relationships.


Thank you! Now let’s B.U.I.L.D. ODHA! 

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