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O-HY-PAC is the Ohio Dental Hygienists’ Political Action Committee. With O-HY-PAC we can continue to support and educate the elected decision-makers on issues of concern and interest to our profession. This process is a great way for all dental hygienists to get involved with the political process, with very little commitment. Remember we all have a stake in the success of our profession and want to see it continue to do well.

What is a PAC? A PAC (Political Action Committee) is a popular term for a political committee organized for the purpose of raising and spending money to help elect candidates. A PAC’s money comes from voluntary contributions from individuals rather than association dues. Although commonly called PAC’s, federal election law refers to these accounts as “separate segregated funds” because money contributed to a PAC is kept in a bank account separate from the association’s operating funds. Further, these funds are only used to support political campaigns...not to pay for our lobbying activities or other association business.

O-HY-PAC was created to identify candidates who support the efforts of ODHA and to support their campaign efforts. To continue to be an effective voice for the profession, it is critical to put a financial emphasis behind our positions.


First, we would like to thank all of you who have donated O-HY-PAC in the past. We really appreciate your support. Without your donations we cannot exist. As you know we are all in the together and the purpose of O-HY-PAC is to support ODHA’s legislative initiatives.

We are once again asking for each of you to consider donating one hour’s salary to O-HY-PAC. When considering all that O-HY-PAC is trying to accomplish for you this is really a small amount. If you cannot donate this amount, we do understand. Please consider donating an amount that is reasonable for your budget. Every dollar helps and is appreciated. Thank you for helping to support your professional PAC.

Please use the bottom of this sheet to make your contribution to O-HY-PAC today. Contributions can be mailed to our treasurer:  

                                    Nancy Shuffle

213 East Montford Ave

Ada, OH  45810

Name_______________________________________________________________________ Address_____________________________________________________________________




Email_______________________________________________________________________ Date____________________________ Amount_________________________

 OR click here to download a donation form.


Help us support legislators who support dental hygienists!! Donate to OHYPAC by clicking BELOW!




Click here to download an O-HY-PAC donation form! Thank YOU!!!

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