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2022 ODHA Informative Posters Rules and Regulations

2022 ODHA Research Posters Rules and Regulations

2022 ODHA Student Informative Poster Application

2022 ODHA Student Research Poster Application

2022 ODHA Informative Poster Evaluation Form

2022 ODHA Research Poster Evaluation Form


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Welcome to the odha.net Student Page. You will find links and other information that will assist you as you matriculate, study, and graduate from  your respective dental hygiene programs. You are the future of the profession - be proud, stay involved, and become successful. 

 Click here to access http://www.dentalcareersedu.org/, an outstanding resource, with information for all students considering a career in dental hygiene and dental assisting.

Click here to access the ADHA webpage on Dental Hygiene Programs across the country. Whether you are just starting out, or you are interested in a degree completion program or an advanced degree, there is a program for you! Check out the Schools tab on our website too!


First Place Research Poster Winners 2020: Shawnee State

Brianna McNeal
Alyssa Proehl
Kayleigh Carver
Mollie Ferrar



 The Benefits of CBD Regarding Oral Health

Second Place Research Poster Winners 2020: Lakeland Community College

Angela Hytree
Dianna Osterman
Liliya Zardynow
Jodie Kapostasy


I Want to Hold Your Handheld Portable X-Ray Device


Third Place Research Poster Winners 2020: The Ohio State University

Heather Albers
Kendra Headings
Megan Gaston
Megan Frazie


Effectiveness of Homeopathic Remedies






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